Geralyn Gendreau, LMFT, is licensed psychotherapist who practices Knowledge Therapy, a unique approach to personal growth that draws heavily on The Continuum Concept.


Her greatest passions are spreading the word on the naturally good-humored childrearing practices of indigenous people, and guiding those who did not have a fully enriched infancy and childhood to recognize and accept the impact of “missing experiences” and step forward with courage to live an authentic, self-actualized life.

In 1987, Geralyn had a bodysurfing accident that left her completely paralyzed. She was spared the life of a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic by an unusual near-death experience that was nothing short of a miracle.

In the years since her recovery, Geralyn has become utterly convinced that Littlewood’s Law of Miracles— which states that any individual can expect to experience an outrageous event every thirty days—is a  physical law of the universe… for those who believe.

She likes to say “If it’s not impossible, we’re not interested,” and insists “The key to happiness is the ability to laugh at yourself.”

Award-winning Co-author & editor:

  • Healing the Heart of the World

    Best Inspirational Book of the Year
    (Elite Books, 2009)

  • The Marriage of Sex and Spirit

    Best Health & Sexuality Book
    (Elite Books, 2010)

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